These pages are indebted to Michel De Montaigne, whose journal and essays have been a quiet, constant source of inspiration.

WordPress is a wonderful tool to create blogs and much more. Many thanks to Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress, and to the many developers that have improved on the core functions of the software.

I thought that setting up a nice blog with some static pages and media content would have been a straightforward affair. It turned out to take an inordinate amount of time and effort. On top of digging deep into WordPress documentation and forums, I had to learn the basics of the PHP scripting language, MySQL and phpMyAdmin; a good deal of HTML and CSS and bits of UNIX commands and Apache… Just by counting the acronyms in the previous sentence you’ll have to agree that something is wrong here!

We are still a long way from having simple, user-friendly yet flexible tools to create personal blogs and web pages. Although WordPress is one of the best publishing platforms and offers a very friendly admin interface, it still falls short of my requirements for a usable and flexible tool. But then, the intricacies of how a web page is generated, and the need to support different implementations will always be a barrier for developing more intuitive tools. With time…

This site uses the beautiful Hemingway theme by Anders Norén.

I’m currently using two great web services, Soundcloud for listening to audio files and issuu for visualising scores and papers.

This website uses the following WordPress plugins:
Akismet by Automattic
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Post Tags and Categories for Pages by Curtis McHale
SB Child List by Sean Barton (Tortoise IT)

[updated October 2015]