Magma, or The See-Through Wilderness [1996-1998] 70′, commissioned by CIDIM, Rossini Theatre in Lugo and Toscanini Foundation in Parma.
2 actors – Uomo, Donna
4 singers – Soprano, Mezzo, Baritone, Bass
orchestra – 2 perc [marimba, vibraphone, wood blocks, wood chimes, logdrum, 2 big maracas, 4 congas, timbales, snare drum, triangle, tuned gong Bb3, 5 cymbals, 2 Chinese cymbals] MIDI keyboard, strings
live electronics 2 operators, Tempo Reale, Florence
text by Sebastian Schloessingk


Tre Variazioni [1993] 12′, for orchestra.

…the sun is out, the sun is out [1994] 8′, for large orchestra.

Alúna [2005] for viola, ensemble and live electronics; written for Rivka Golani; orchestra – 1 perc [marimba] piano, strings viola solo, live electronics 2 operators.


Studio [1986] 8′, piano.

Kamu-purrui [1992] 9′, alto flute; written for Carlo Ipata.

Per Iona [1992] 4′, piano.

Boys And Girls Between The Wars [1993, rev. 2001] 8′, mezzo-soprano, flute [doubling alto flute] piano and cello; on a poem by Sebastian Schloessingk.

Il divo Claudio [1994] 6′, narrator, flute, clarinet, guitar and cello; on a poem by Zbigniew Herbert, commissioned by Nicola Campogrande.

Three Sephardi Melodies [1994] 8′, baritone, flute, clarinet, guitar and cello, commissioned by Alberto Iona.

Cinque Amori [1994] 10′, narrator, flute [doubling alto flute and bass flute in C], clarinet [doubling bass clarinet and Eb clarinet), guitar and cello; on texts by Thomas Moore, Russian folklore, Simone de Beauvoir, Aristophanes, Maynard d’Aubigné; commissioned by Paola Roman and the Toujours Ensemble.

Il racconto delle nuvole – Sette scene musicali [1995] 15′, narrator, flute [doubling alto flute], clarinet [doubling bass clarinet], guitar and cello; text by Marco Vacchetti, commissioned by Paola Roman and the Toujours Ensemble.

Antidotes: Red-earth [1997] 7′ for natural trumpet and live electronics; commissioned by Gabriele Cassone.

Touch [2001] 11′, piano and live electronics.

river teach me [2002] 10′,mezzo-soprano and string quartet; on a poem by Zbigniew Herbert, written for Monica Bacelli, shortlisted by the SPNM in 2003.

Flectar [2004] 8′, trombone and live electronics, written for David Purser.


A poem para Gloria [1991] 6′, a cappella chamber choir [SATB]; on a poem by e.e.cummings.


Novecento [1999] 25′.


Colombia Nuevo Mundo by Mauricio Garcia Matamoros, (Colombia-Italy 1992)

Life after life by Enrica Colusso (Metafilm, Italy 1995)

No Risk No Champagne by Enrica Colusso (Fandango, Italy 2003)


Novecento, electro-acoustic soundtrack for a series of sixty programmes on the
20th century by RAI RadioTre, Italian National Radio (first broadcast in 1999).


Intercos with AGON at Bologna’s COSMOPROF (2000), a six-room interactive environment with audio and video events triggered by visitors through gesture-controlled sensors.