[…] “Both Luca Francesconi’s Lips, Eyes…Bang and Lamberto Coccioli’s Aluna explored the combination of electronic and acoustic sound. Both succeeded in creating highly entertaining pieces of real music-theatre.[…]

Coccioli’s Aluna, receiving its premiere, also spotlit a formidable soloist – Rivka Golani. But here the musical opportunities were more evenly distributed. Inspired by an Amerindian creation myth, it’s a lyrical and brightly-coloured single- movement viola concerto.

From a formidable opening solo – with magical electronic interjections – it moved through exuberant instrumental dialogue and moments of chamber-music intimacy to a wonderfully effective final flourish.

Brass and woodwind played with particular refinement, and viola player Karin Norlen responded with poise to the unenviable challenge of duetting with an amplified Golani. And how refreshing to find a living composer who knows when to lay off the percussion!”

Richard Bratby, The Birmingham Post, 27 June 2005