Il racconto delle nuvole was written for Nicola Campogrande and the Toujours Ensemble. The original version featured a narrator, and included three artistic layers – the narrated text by the writer and painter Marco Vacchetti, the music, and a series of seven paintings by Vacchetti himself relating to the texts, to be shown in turn during the various sections of the performance.

Subsequently I found the music to work very well on its own as a suite of seven instrumental scenes, and as such it is presented here.

First performance in 1995 in Turin by the Toujours Ensemble and Paola Roman as narrator.

flute (doubling alto flute)
clarinet (doubling bass clarinet)

* * *

1. Nuvole scure
2. Seleuca
3. Atamante
4. Pedro & Cristoforo
5. Segnali di fumo
6. Eolo
7. Nuvole chiare