In 2000 AGON invited me to compose the music and sound effects for a six-room interactive installation to be realised at Bologna’s COSMOPROF international cosmetics fair. Intercos, the company that commissioned the installation, wanted to create an immersive environment around a specific narrative.
Memory, Garden, Irony, Seduction, Laziness and Future were the six themes, one for each room.

The music I wrote consisted in six loops of the same length, one for each room. The sense of continuity was given by a common harmonic structure shared by all the loops, while rhythms and instrumentation were very different, according to the room’s theme. Various models of interaction were implemented in the installation, the most interesting one being the Future room, were the movement of the hands of the visitors affected both the visuals projected on the facing wall and the sounds being diffused by the loudspeakers.

I collaborated on this installation project with Michele Tadini, Paolo Solcia and Andrea Taglia from AGON.