A List Apart

Where you learn all you need to know to make a better web.

Ada Online

The definitive resource for Nabokov’s masterpiece.

Greg Sandow on the future of classical music

An inspired and insightful perspective on the issues facing classical music today.

Integra Live

From 2005 to 2012 I managed Integra – Fusing music and technology, a EU-funded project supported by the Culture programme of the European Union. One of its main outputs was the unique Integra Live software.

Presentation Zen

A poetic and inspiring approach to presentations by Garr Reynolds.


Sebastian Schloessingk’s discerning selection of contemporary poetry.

The Montaigne Project

A wonderful resource for Montaigne’s “Essais”, including full text and high-resolution images of the annotated Bordeaux copy.

The Nature Institute

A place for profound and provoking ideas on nature, science and technology.


Incredible images of the fabled city of Naples…

Villegas Editores

Great illustrated books on Colombia, presenting a rather different and more positive image of the country.