• Johannes Maria Staud
    In September 2006 we started working on a new project with BCMG, the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, and the Austrian composer Johannes Maria Staud. BCMG have commissioned Johannes a new work for harpsichord, ensemble of nine instruments (flute, clarinet, bassoon,… Read more: Johannes Maria Staud
  • Integra
    This exciting project, with great partners and even greater ambitions, Integra – A European composition and performance environment for sharing live music technologies, is a €1,035,048, 3-year cooperation agreement part financed by the European Commission through the 2005 call of… Read more: Integra
  • David’s Garden
    Together with trombonist David Purser and composer-technologist Jonathan Green, we’ve been working since late 2005 on a user-friendly Max/MSP environment to let performers improvise with technology. To capture performance data we have been using a microphone and a flexion sensor,… Read more: David’s Garden
  • Lips Eyes Bang
    In June 2005 I invited to Birmingham Conservatoire the Italian composer Luca Francesconi. We performed his multimedia work, Lips Eyes Bang, in a Thallein Ensemble concert conducted by Lionel Friend. The actress-singer role in Lips was given to Abigail Kelly,… Read more: Lips Eyes Bang
  • Julian Anderson
    In 2004 I collaborated with Julian Anderson and BCMG – the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group – on the realisation and performance of the electronics of a large-scale ensemble work by the composer, Book of Hours, commissioned by BCMG. I worked… Read more: Julian Anderson
  • Modernising live electronics in Harvey’s works
    Together with Jamie Bullock we have started this ambitious project in 2004. Collaborating with Jonathan Harvey, we are modernising live electronics in his works that make use of obsolete technologies, to ensure their long-term preservation and allow for future performances.… Read more: Modernising live electronics in Harvey’s works
  • Opera e No television documentary
    In 1995 Luciano Berio was going to be 70. I asked him if, to his knowledge, RAI (the Italian National Television Network) had planned any kind of anniversary present, in the form of a documentary or concert broadcasting. Having received… Read more: Opera e No television documentary