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Life after life

Soundtrack for an award-winning documentary film by director Enrica Colusso. Life after life (Fine pena mai) follows a group of prisoners jailed for life in the Italian prison of Porto Azzurro, on the Elba island in Tuscany.

No risk no champagne

Music for an award-winning documentary film directed by Enrica Colusso and produced in 2002 by Fandango, an Italian production company. The subject of the documentary is the dramatic ordeal of young Ukrainian women lured abroad with the perspective of a decent job and forced instead to sell themselves.

This job was quite difficult to deal with. I spent quite some time finding the right tone for the music, and when I eventually thought I had, no one else seemed to agree… Obviously this happens quite often when writing music for a movie, but this time, maybe because of my close relationship with the director, it hurt more than usual. In the end only one little piece from the original soundtrack that I wrote was used in the final cut.