• Organised Sound article
    Modernising musical works involving Yamaha DX-based synthesis: a case study This article written in collaboration with Jamie Bullock has been published on Organised Sound, issue no. 5 2006. We describe a new approach to performing musical works that use Yamaha […]
  • ICMC 2005 Harvey paper
    Modernising live electronics technology in the works of Jonathan Harvey This paper was written together with Jamie Bullock and presented at the 2005 International Computer Music Conference in Barcelona. Here follows the abstract: Many twentieth century works composed for instruments […]
  • Persistence of ritual elements
    Notes for a talk I gave during Birmingham Conservatoire’s Research Days in 2002. Persistence of ritual elements in 20th century music. A composer’s view Abstract The ritual process in its various declinations, from tribal rites of passage to Greek tragedy, […]
  • Lettre ouverte à Yann Orlarey
    [in French] A letter I sent in November 2004 to Yann Orlarey, Scientific Director of GRAME in Lyon, France. The letter was in response to Yann’s decision not to participate in the Integra project. The text of Yann’s letter I […]
  • Open letter to Paul White
    Birmingham, 22 September 2003 To Paul White, Editor in Chief, Sound On Sound magazine Dear Paul, thank you for your leader column on the October 2003 issue. You have simply and beautifully put into words something we all feel when […]
  • Promozione della musica contemporanea
    Il testo che segue è stato scritto nel 2000 su invito di Rossana Rummo, allora alla Direzione Generale dello Spettacolo al Ministero dei Beni Culturali. * * * Note sulla promozione della musica contemporanea in Italia 1. Considerazioni generali Parto […]
  • Fanfare interview
    George Caird, Principal of Birmingham Conservatoire, interviewed me for the Fanfare magazine in 2001. * * * Composer and Music Technologist, Lamberto Coccioli came to the Conservatoire in September 2000 to take up the newly created post of Head of […]
  • Carnegie Hall lecture
    Notes for a talk I gave on works by Berio and Maderna. Pre-concert Lecture, The Luciano Berio – Tempo Reale Workshop Carnegie Hall, New York, October 1997 The three compositions that are going to be played tonight are of a […]
  • Integra, a novel approach to music with live electronics
    Anders Beyer invited me to write an article on the Integra project for Nordic Sounds. Here it is. Read on or download the magazine issue. Integra, a novel approach to music with live electronics A desire to empower composers and […]
  • La sfida della complessità
    Presentazione di una conferenza che ho tenuto su invito di Carmelo Piccolo e dell’organizzazione Eximia Forma nell’agosto del 1994. * * * La sfida della complessità: quale ruolo oggi per la musica colta? In che modo la musica colta può […]